About Us

About Us

DConnecto provides users with an intelligent solution to instantly retrieve professional email addresses and social media profiles from any website URL.

Founded in 2023 by a team of developers, our mission is to build technology that accelerates business growth through seamless contact data discovery and outreach.

At DConnecto, we leverage proprietary algorithms and ethical data scraping to deliver accurate and up-to-date professional contacts, helping sales, marketing, and research professionals connect with their next customers.
We are committed to both efficiency and privacy. Our focused tools target only publicly available information to compile relevant business contacts quickly. User data and security are always respected.

DConnecto offers Basic, Professional, and Enterprise plans to suit different needs:

  • Basic for early-stage outreach with standard features
  • Professional for more contacts and support options
  • Enterprise for unlimited scale and volumes

More than software, DConnecto represents a community obsessed with simplifying and automating professional networking. We continuously refine our platform based on user feedback to deliver the most helpful contact data experience.
Join us and transform how you source and connect with your ideal customers online. The future of outreach starts today at DConnecto.