dConnecto Terms & Conditions

dConnecto Terms & Conditions

These terms govern your use of dConnecto's services. By signing up for a dConnecto account, you agree to be bound by these terms.

Subscriptions and Payments

Payment for your dConnecto subscription is processed upfront by Stripe and auto-renews regardless of usage levels. You agree dConnecto incurs ongoing costs for providing services like account maintenance, improvements, support etc. Your subscription auto-renews on your billing date at the same rate. By subscribing, you authorize recurring billing and agree to our no refund policy. To cancel renewal, you must terminate prior to the billing date. If you dispute or reverse a renewal charge, you must repay the full amount plus a 20% fee within 5 days. Email [email protected] regarding renewals or cancellations.

No Refunds

There are no refunds under any circumstances for dConnecto subscriptions. You waive refund rights by accessing our services even once.

Overdue Payments

You must pay all costs, including legal fees, associated with collecting payment for overdue or disputed invoices.

Data Use

You may only use dConnecto data while actively subscribed. Upon cancellation, you must delete all data from your systems and tell users they may no longer use it. Unauthorized data use obligates you to pay full subscription costs.

No Warranties

Services are provided "as is" without warranty. dConnecto disclaims any guarantees of accuracy or reliability. Use at your sole risk.

Acceptable Use

You may only use dConnecto for lawful networking purposes. Prohibited activities include: security violations, spamming, scraping, reverse-engineering, unauthorized sharing, commercial reuse, etc. dConnecto reserves the right to terminate accounts violating these terms or laws.